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This flattie desires bouncy bosoms

This flattie wants tits

Lives: Albuquerque, Recent Mexico; Occupation: Scholar; Age: Twenty; Born: March 21; Ht: 5’7″; Wt: 110 pounds; Bras: 32A; Panties: Thongs; Anal: No! BJs: Swallow some; Diddle: A lot.

“I’d love to have 34C scones. Perhaps if I hook up with a rich lad someday, he’ll buy them for me,” told Sydney. “My spouse (this chab is Twenty six) likes just looking at my vagina whether it’s widen open or not. He says it is the sexiest fur pie he’s ever viewed. I guess that’s a bit weird, but what the heck. As far as sex goes, I would bonk daily if I could. My lad and I often make plans to go out, but end up screwing at his place or mine, instead. I can cum any way we bonk if that woman chaser takes his time. I make plenty of noise when I am cumming and I shudder a lot. And my puss gets real creamy. My boy can’t live out of that.”

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Dinner, exotic dancing and an ass-fucking

Dinner, exotic dancing and an ass-fucking

Lap dancing makes babes concupiscent. That is an undeniable fact. Go to any strip club (or wedding, for that matter), and we can guarantee that it’s the angels on the dance floor who are gonna be screwing later (and the males on the dance floor who are going to be screwing those gals). So here’s a suggestion for all u boys out there: Take a cutie lap dancing. Dance even if you’re a shitty dancer. The gal will appreciate your effort and reward you later with a sloppy oral-sex and a wide-open cunt.

That babe might even give you her chocolate hole love Shirley Lily does here.

Yep, Shirley, a 52-year-old divorcee, has just enjoyed a night on the city. Dining, drinking, eating. And now, that babe has her date just where she craves him: back at her place for some intimate time.

“I’m going to have my way with you and have you pleasure me,” Shirley says.

“You’re so much sexier than all these young girls on the dance floor,” this chab tells her.

Well, yes! No kidding!

That babe too sucks wang better. And screws better. And gets ass-fucked more outstanding. She likewise suggests up her face for her date’s cum cuz this babe isn’t worried about getting her makeup messed up. These younger beauties on the dance floor? They care. But not Shirley.

“I just want my booty banged and a big load of cum on my face,” told Shirley, who’s a gratified Mother and grandmother. A contented SEXY HOUSEWIFE and GILF.

An ass-fucked HORNY HOUSEWIFE and GILF, that is. Welcome to the lap dancing club, Shirley.

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Gettin’ Her Screw On

Gettin' Her Bonk On

Everyone, meet Kennedy. She’s an 18-year-old angel from Minnesota who can’t live with out to ride horses and go swimming. “I think growing up riding horses made me good at riding ramrods,” this babe told us. Kennedy also loves swallowing cum when she gives a oral-stimulation, doggie-style, large dicks and masturbating with just her fingers. In those images this babe tantalizes us with some amazing cheek-stretching oral stimulation shots before getting down to business and showing us just how admirable of a rider she’s. There’re close-up penetration shots of Kennedy’s pink snatch and some nice pix of her taking a creamy load just the way she loves it–on her tongue!

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“Do you wish to cum in my bush?”

Born: Stockport, UK; Occupation: Superstore clerk; Age: 22; Born: May Thirty; Ht: 5’5″; Wt: 138 pounds; Bras: 34D; Panties: Hot lace; Anal: Any time; BJs: Gulp; Diddle: Sometimes.

“I’m always looking to receive laid, so I keep myself clean and fresh down there,” Angel told. “I don’t have a beloved way to fuck. Soever the bloke suggests will be just wonderful with me. Once my first climax is out of the way, I can let him really go to city and even acquire kinky if this chab urges to. I’ll probably cum anew if that dude can keep his willy underneath control and not spoil things by shooting off too pretty soon. I usually don’t suggest up my bumhole, but if the bloke’s been ravishing me and he makes a move love that chap craves to do me that way, then I’ll definitely let him–and probably cum again.”

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Naughty nanny!

Naughty nanny!

Born: Gulf Shores, Alabama; Occupation: Nanny in Germany; Age: Twenty; Born: December 12; Ht: 5’4″; Wt: 135 pounds; Bras: 34D; Panties: Knickers or bikini-style; Anal: Totally! BJs: Always gulp; Diddle: My fingers do it for me.

“I love older, accustomed studs ‘coz they treat me more gracious in sofa and out of it,” told Lily. “The last boy I was in a relationship with took me to a married couples disrobe club several times. Once was gang a team fuck night: I couldn’t walk properly for days after that. The other time was couples’ fuckfest night and it was then that I tasted cum-hole for the first time–while the girl’s boyfriend was screwing me doggy position. Living in Germany has opened up recent worlds to me, both admirable and nasty. I was home to visit my folks when I ran into an mature boyfriend. This gent got to screw me–and take these pictures.”

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SEXY HOUSEWIFE, divorcee and proud owner of our longest areolas ever

MILF, divorcee and gratified owner of our longest nipps ever

There are a lot of things about Jenna Covelli that will get your attention. That babe is tall (5’8″), blonde, hot and captivating. But there is something about Jenna that truly sets her apart from any lady we have ever seen, and that is her nipples.

Her nipples are, to say the least, extreme. Investigate pictures 11 and 16 and you’ll see what we mean (although you’ll receive a more priceless view in the episode interview we’re posting). Jenna’s nipples are three-quarters of an inch long, making them the longest nipps in the history of 40something, 50PlusMILFs and 60PlusMILFs. And although Jenna is wearing a hawt undergarment (and straps) in those fotos, that babe usually doesn’t, which means these pointers of her attract a lot of attention.

“I’ve probably caused a not many accidents,” said this 50-year-old first-timer from California (born in Oakland, now living Palm Springs). “I like the attention I acquire.”

Jenna figures to get a lot more attention once those pix see the light of day (which is right now). She’s thin but buxom measuring a delectably trim 36-25-36, and she has a voracious sexual appetite.

“I have sex two or three times a day,” told Jenna, who’s a Mom of two. “Sometimes more.”

On this day, she had sex at least two times that we know of. And we need to see the one and the other of ’em!

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Early Bird

Early Bird

Hey, Pepper. Does the early bird really acquire the worm?
“Yup! I’ve always been an early riser and it is the ultimate. I acquire so much more done. If I sleep in I feel adore I missed half the day. Even if I go to sleep late I automatically wake up early. And u know what my favorite thing to do is when I first wake up? Rub one out! Cumming 1st thing in the morning puts me in the majority jaw-dropping mood for the rest of the day. It’s love morning sex, merely just with myself. Although lately I haven’t been pro to masturbate in my dorm ‘coz of my roommate. So I’ve been getting up supplementary early and gonna class. It is always empty, so I masturbate in there. It was weird at first but now I like it.”

So you have at no time rubbed one out whilst your roomie was around?
“Well, I did one time. It was late at night and that babe was rogering a chap. I pretended like I was asleep, but I was listening to them receive it on the complete time. I got slutty, so I fingered myself during the time that listening to her moan and stuff. I pretended like my finger was a 10-Pounder and I creamed all over my hand.”

How come u merely did it that one time?
“It was kind of unusual. I mean, it was hawt, but still. I felt a little creepy, love I was spying on ’em even though they were fucking right next to me. I’d just rather have privacy if I’m intend to masturbate. And her and I aren’t super close, so I felt awkward about it.”

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This babe is sexy for military boys

She's hot for military guys

Born: Nashville, Tennessee; Occupation: Sales rep; Age: 45; Born: December 12; Ht: 5’6″; Wt: 130 pounds; Bras: 36B; Panties: Victoria’s Secret Rio brand; Anal: Sometimes; BJs: Drink and lick clean; Diddle: Regularly.

“I like youthful lads who are in the military,” said Phoebe. “I adore to be on top when I’m rogering. If we pace ourselves, I can have 2 or three orgasms that way, especially if the boy is mouthing on my nipps. Doggie style feels great, too, and on rare occasions–if I’m incredibly horny–I’ll tell my paramour to go for my butthole if he wishes to. I adore to have sex two or three times in a session, then I need for the smooth operator to leave so he’s not around in the morning and I don’t need to make awkward introductions to my child. I always worry about being heard when I’m ‘in action,’ too.”

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Great tanlines!

Great tanlines!

Lives: Jupiter, Florida; Occupation: Dental care trainee; Age: Twenty; Born: September Twenty seven; Ht: 5’4″; Wt: 119 pounds; Bras: 32D; Panties: Briefs or boyshorts; Anal: A finger there feels nice; BJs: Always drink some; Diddle: Probably too much.

“It takes plenty of sunbathing to keep my tan lines,” told Dillion. “The final pair of boys to have viewed me undressed liked them. One is my spouse who took the pics, and the other was the pool lad who walked into my folk’s backyard whilst I was asleep on a chaise lounge. A noise woke me up, I stood up and gave him a full frontal. His eyes bugged, this chab said, ‘Great tanlines!’ and took off. I might have done him if he’d stayed ’cause I was real slutty from a dream and this chab is a tanned ladies man, even if this lady-killer is in his 30s.”

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