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Rio Blows Her Audition

Rio Blows Her Audition

“It’s been my lifelong fantasy to become a singer. I went to an try-out to try to make it happen, but I was so concupiscent I couldn’t concentrate. I endevoured singing, but it just wasn’t happening. All I could think about mouthing meat-thermometer. The camera lad said me to forget about the auditions and have to mouthing. As much as I desire to be a singer, I was relieved to finally acquire a strapon in throat. And I just can’t suck. One time I receive a taste of that knob I need it in my love tunnel, too. I was worried that I was wasting their time by coming in there and banging up my auditions cause I was amorous. But they were really understanding. And the one talent scout boy didn’t appear to be to mind so much one time this chab was drilling my juicy, little twat.”

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Fantasy Three-Way: Rita Daniels And Lexi McCain

Dream Three-Way: Rita Daniels And Lexi McCain

Ivan, who’s 20 and a greater than average Rita Daniels fan, gets his fantasy fulfilled and more in this three-way with Rita, 61, and Lexi McCain, 64. But 1st, Rita and Lexi relish the fruits of one of Rita’s recent shopping trips: a giant, double-ended vibrator. “I have to bonk you and u receive to screw me at the same time,” Rita says to Lexi. Then Rita says, “We’re intend to train u a not many things today, Ivan.” He’s right there as the ladies kiss, then they play with his ramrod a little. Then Rita says, “We have to unveil him the proper way to put in 10-Pounder.” We’re sure Ivan knows how, but, hey, he’s 20, they’re both over 60, and it at not time hurts to learn a lesson from 2 dick-loving GILFs. So they have Ivan take a seat whilst Rita eats Lexi‘s twat, then they share the sex toy. “Come on, fuck it!” Lexi demands. “You’re such a slut,” Rita says, her titties pouring over her bra. Then Ivan flaunts up to eat the girls’ dildo-filled snatches previous to stuffing his jock in their mouths. Rita loses about a gallon of bodily fluid salivating all over Ivan’s 10-Pounder, and previous to we know it, both gals are getting banged, and during the time that they’re at it, they’re giving a kiss and having their twats played with, and in the end, they receive their faces coated in cum. And what do they do next? It is worth the effort to find out for yourself. If u want to call it effort.

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Is Margo The Horniest Fifty something Ever?

Is Margo The Horniest 50something Ever?

What’s the finest thing about a woman turning Fifty? Well, of course, women acquire hornier and sexier with age. But the other great thing is that we’ve to feature her on or, if she’s already been in, we get to bring her back. Margo falls into the latter category. U might have seen her screwing on our sister web site and in the DVD “Fuck My Old Ass #3,” and now that she’s 50, Margo‘s ready for more: a greater than run of the mill, darksome wang and a gooey creampie in her old cunt.

Margo is really 51 now (her birthday is August 6, 1960), and she is the epitome of the divorcee on the prowl. She likes a chap with a joy personality. “Looks aren’t important to me,” this babe told. “What’s more important is what he’ll do to please me. How lengthy he’ll spend eating my twat and whether this chap is sufficient of a gentlemen to keep from cumming until I’ve had my fill. He’ll know when that is.”

Final time we saw her, Margo told us, “If sex gets as worthy when I turn 50 as it did when I turned 40, I’ve a lot to look forward to.” Well, that babe is Fifty one now, and what’s the verdict?

“Ask your stud,” she told. “He discharged a monumental load of cum inside my wet crack, so I am guessing this chab enjoyed himself. I know I did.”

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“Jack to my Rack”

Tiffany, final we saw u in the May ’10 issue, you’d not lengthy ago embraced your big mellons.
“Yes, I remember. I had not long ago started wearing revealing clothes. I was a virgin, likewise. Ugh! I’m so pleased I’m not one anymore! I was making out with this boy in his daybed, and he started sucking my love melons, and I was like, ‘Fuck it. Let’s screw!’ I was so randy and luscious; I could not think of a admirable reason to not do it. And it was a lot of enjoyment! It only hurt for a second when he popped my cherry, and the rest of the time was great. I loved it when this fellow sucked my fun bags while screwing me.”

It’s priceless when a girl’s milk cans are bigger in size than run of the mill enough to suck whilst you bonk her! So u adore it when lads pay a lot of attention to your love bubbles?
“I adore it! When I go out I love to wear corsets that make my hooters pop out and display off my deep cleavage bigger than average time. I could receive away with murder when I wear outfits love that. Showing off my chest is pleasure. That’s why I am posing for your mag, coz I want boyz
to wank to my billibongs. And my twat, too. But mostly my wobblers! They’re my beloved part of my body. When I’ve sex boys actually seem to like cumming on my billibongs. And I hope when lads are reading your mag they cum on the pics of my wobblers.”

Do you ever feel love chaps pay likewise much attention to your milk sacks?
“No. Love I told, I love it when they pay attention to my scones. But they not ever forget about my bawdy cleft. Bosoms are great and all, but I don’t think they’re going to make a lad cum the way a pussy does. I have by no means had to tell a lad to avoid titty-fucking me and copulate my slit. They always make it down there.”

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Beating an ex to the punch.

Beating an ex to the punch.

“These were supposed to be intimate fotos for my (ex) boyfriend and me to relish,” told Shanna. “But after I dumped the cheating asshole I realized this ladies man still had ’em on his digital camera and, knowing him, I figured he’d probably post them online. I was in a bit of a panic untill I remembered NN that I used to check out with one more ex. (I not ever got
around to posing for the magazine with him.) So I decided to send the pictures to you boyz and, hopefully, beat the lad to it as far as getting ’em out there for guys to watch. I cant await to see the mag.”

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“F” Is For Screwing, “C” Is For Man cream pie

There’s an exam today, and Ivan did not trouble to study. Nope. Last night, he was too busy cruising bars and supermarkets for M.I.L.F.S.. So what does that chap do? This chab cheats. This petticoat chaser pulls the ol’ “cheat sheet up your sleeve” trick. But Miss King is an adept teacher, and this babe is wise to his cheating games. Uh-oh! Looks love somebody’s in a predicament. The thing is, Miss King can not give him an “F” if she cant find the substantiation, so this babe conducts a full-body search. Is it below his shirt? No. In his back pocket? No. “Hmmm,” Miss King thinks. “Maybe he’s hiding it in his underwear.” So she dips down unfathomable into his trousers, and what does this babe identify? His ramrod! Turns out that’s what she was looking for, furthermore. And now she can actually give Ivan an “F”…for screwing! Later, he’ll boost his grade to a “C”…for semen pie! Miss King, by the way, is Stacie King, a 43-year-old wife/swinger from Seattle, Washington, who’s fucking on screen for the first time. It was her idea. That babe detected during the time that browsing the Web and decided, “Hey, I would like to try that.” Stacie‘s story is that of a cutie who not at any time thought that babe was sexy, at not time had sex with anyone but her hubby until this babe detected the swinging lifestyle about five or six years ago. Her spouse was thrilled by the idea. This chab loves to view his wife fuck other guys, and now he’ll have a movie scene to watch, likewise. More on Stacie: This babe is 5’5″, 140 pounds, has two daughters, works as an PA in a medical office and used to be a underware abode cleaner. Yeah, that means exactly what it sounds adore. Stacie cleaned houses during the time that wearing sexy underware, and the boys who hired her got to view. But they at no time saw her adore this!

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Cum to Me

Cum to Me

Wanna know a secret? All girls who wanna be adult models are secretly doxies. At least it’s true in Leenuh‘s case. That babe wishes to be ogled and admired. That babe craves boys to acquire concupiscent when they observe her, and she desires ’em to cum to her pix. Well, she’ll actually speed up the process if she goes ahead and fucks in images. Guess she wised up, cause that’s what she’s doing here. This photo-shoot quickly goes from standard to completely erotic. Leenuh gives an enthusiastic oral job and makes lots of concupiscent faces whilst that babe is banging. Is this babe doing it for the digital camera or is that babe doing it coz she likes to receive pounded rock hard? The one and the other!

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Fuck The Yard Sale!

Screw The Yard Sale!

Hopeful Ann is setting up a yard sale in her front yard. But as her 1st potential customer-a bit of a stud-tells her bluntly, she is selling “crap.” But could Ann suddenly have smth else in mind? This babe invites the buck inside to watch smth else she has for sale, and takes him to her bedroom where this babe retrieves a hummingbird sex toy from her nightstand. He says this gent might be interested in buying it, but this ladies man doesn’t truly know how it works. So, Ann gives him a demonstration that gets her hawt and, of course, leads to some intensive ramrod engulfing and heavy-duty banging. Ann does acquire a facial greetings… but no sale.

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“Do I look adore a tomboy?”

“I’ve been courting a lad for six months and we’re nice together,” told Rayna. “But I heard that this charmer tells people I’m a tomboy and that buck doesn’t care for it. Well, I do go hunting with my dad and brother when I go home betwixt semesters, and I have my own filth bike, but do these things make me a tomboy? Sure I’d rather swallow beer than foo foo drinks and I like college and skilled football, but I always costume up for him and we have great sex. So I took those pics myself and crave them in NN to display him that I’m hot.”

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