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Want to do Tiffani?

Gentlemen and others, meet Tiffani, 24, a barmaid from Denver, Colorado, who contacted us about fucking one of our chaps for the mag when that babe was staying over in Miami in advance of taking a Caribbean cruise with a pair of her girlfriends. She’s 5’10, has a weight of 134 pounds, wears 34B bras and prefers Victoria’s Secret knickers. “I didn’t tell my allies what I was going to do,” said Tiffani. “I told ’em I had to do my family duty and visit a boring old aunt, and they’d have way bigger in size quantity fun on the beach. It was so great to copulate Jarrod out side,” told Tiffani. “That’s the 1st outside shag I have had–and now I wanna experience it larger amount often. It was atypical to feel the breeze around my cunt during the time that I was being plugged. I like to be on top for sex so I can set the pace untill I’m willing to cum, but I’ll do it any way a lad craves to. I like doggie position, but some boyz appear to be to think that if I let ’em do me that way, they get automatic access to my butthole, and that’s not for the taking. Not yet, besides. I don’t mind it if a ladies man slides a soaked finger in there whilst we’re screwing–it feels kinda nice–but that’s it. It was actually cool that they shot the photos in POV (point of observe) so it will seem to the fellows that I’m doing ’em. I can not expect to watch the magazine. I not at all expected to have an agonorgasmos,” said Tiffani. “I figured that being watched and photographed would kill that for me. But I was incorrect. I had a large agonorgasmos and felt kinda foolish ‘coz of all the noise I made. But that was the 1st bonk I would had in nearly 3 months and I actually needed to cum. I work nights and often six nights a week, so I don’t have much time for average go out with. Some nights at work when I’m truly lewd and a hot boy comes up to the bar, I’d love to pull him over the bar and onto the floor and jump his bones. And I truly would not care if everyone viewed us. But I get to settle for going home alone and diddling myself, instead. I loved my NN bonk, and I hope all the lads do, too.”

Want to do Tiffani?

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Mid-Western Housewife

Ruthie Hays is a mid-western housewife, but this babe is not your archetypical mid-western housewife. “I would love to have a group action with 20 or more chaps,” this 47-year-old from Des Moines, Iowa said us said.The thing is, when Ruthie says stuff like that, that babe doesn’t say it in a serious or sensuous voice. She says it in a fun, playful way. Because that’s what Ruthie is: enjoyment and playful. Especially when she is amorous. Which is almost any the time.

40SOMETHING: Well, I am sitting here with your “Model Info” sheet, which we ask all the models to fill out, and when I read it, I told to myself, “I need to talk to this woman.” For example, we ask if u wear panties, and u told u at no time wear belts.

RUTHIE: Well, I’m wearing straps right now, but just for u boyz. Normally I at not time do.

40SOMETHING: It is humorous to hear you say that cuz u look like the female next door, and you’re 47 years old and you live in Iowa. You are five-feet-nine. You’re married. Your spouse set this up. We asked, “Are u into any fetishes?” and u said no. But then we asked, “What are your raunchy dreams?” Do u remember what u wrote?

RUTHIE: A facial cumshots with, oh, 10 or 20 lads. 30 if I could.

40SOMETHING: Have u ever done a bukkake?

RUTHIE: No. The almost any I have had was like eight boyz, but they didn’t all cum on my face. Some of them wanted to cum on my snatch. There was banging going on, and there is no banging in facial cumshots.

40SOMETHING: Is your dream for lads to cum on your face or for u to have sex with Twenty guys?

RUTHIE: Cum on my face. I’d be in the centre, and they’d all be wanking off. I love cum. I like having it on my face. It makes me supplementary amorous or smth, doesn’t it? For me, it makes it hotter and sluttier to have cum on my face and dripping down my chin, running down all over my funbags.

40SOMETHING: And you like the lustful aspect of it.


40SOMETHING: Now, the gang a team fuck. Will anal be involved?

RUTHIE: Yep. Booty, face hole, fur pie. I have 3 holes, and I like them all filled, preferably at the same time.

40SOMETHING: What are the other boyz doing during the gang gangbang when your three holes are occupied?

RUTHIE: I have had one gang group sex where I was jacking off 2 males on either side of me and one buck was in my face hole, one was in my twat and one more was in my gazoo. The other five were contemplating their turn.

Mid-Western Housewife

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A Colombian BRANDON

“I go to Miami at least twice a year to shop and relish,” said Sophia. “But my hubby is always busy and hasn’t been accomplished to go with me yet. On my final tour, I got him some porn magazines as a peculiar treat. (He reads and speaks English just as wonderful as I do.) One of the mags was NN, and as pretty soon as we read that girls could send their fotos in to be in it, I decided to do it. I always dress hawt so that lads view me, and I love to flirt with them, too. My partner just sits back and smiles. Now I can show off my body to lads all over the world and think about ’em having mental sex with me.”

A Colombian gal

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When Hubby's Away, Cristy Receives Ass-Fucked

Cristy Lynn‘s spouse has left her alone with their young next-door-neighbor. A mistake? Well, no. ‘coz Cristy Lynn and her hubby are in on this together. U watch, they enlisted MARIO to assist move some furniture, and when the husband leaves, this chab tells RANDY, “She loves it in the booty, likewise.” Likewise? You mean in addition to down her mouth? And in her slit? Yeah, that is seems to be what this petticoat chaser means. And Cristy takes full advantage of the opportunity to accost her new neighbor, letting him bonk her vagina, then her face (This babe gives his balls a priceless tonguing, also!), then her rectal hole. (Balls-deep, by the way.) PETER ends up shooting a humongous load all over her face and it’s sticky, oozing down her chin worthy and slow. It is clear that Cristy Lynn can’t live without her fresh neighbor. Ah, enough of this immodest talk! For the record, Cristy Lynn is a 43-year-old librarian (We love saying that word!) from Key West, Florida. She says that babe starts every day by masturbating and often spends her whole lunch hour with a dildo rammed in her bawdy cleft. And if anybody from the library finds out about these pix? So be it. “Right now, I am living for the pont of time,” that babe said. And her pont of time is now.

When Hubby's Away, Cristy Acquires Ass-Fucked

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Cum In The Garden

This exotic-looking, 26-year-old South Florida pleasing heart gets off in an exotic South Florida garden. No talk, just nature’s sounds and the sounds of a hotty cumming. She’s hot. The weather’s hawt. Go to it, boyz!

Cum In The Garden

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Parking lot snatch

“I wanted to do something different for my NN fotos, so my stud and I went out in the minivan that his Mommy passed on to him and played hooker and DANIEL,” told Sara. “After he’d successfully picked me up, we drove to a mall parking lot to take the pix. It was early on a Sunday morning, and the only people around seemed to be security guards in golf carts. A pair of them came kinda close when I was stripped, but I don’t know if they saw everything. My woman chaser did me doggie-style on the back seat when we were done. That was the almost any gripping copulate I have ever had.”

Parking lot snatch

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Her fantasy cums true!

Nikki, 25, is an office worker from Topeka, Kansas. She’s 5’2″, has a weight of 110 pounds, wears 34A bras and likes cotton knickers. She appeared solo back in our October ’08 issue, and got tons of enjoyment without seeing herself and showing some people the mag. But it was only not lengthy ago, after breaking up with a boy she’d been in a relationship with for a lengthy time, that this babe started thinking about banging for the magazine. “I fantasized about it at night in sofa while getting myself off, and the greater quantity I came, the greater amount breathtaking the idea appeared to be,” Nikki told. And after I would arranged a trip to Naples (on Florida’s west coast) it was elementary to add a couple of days onto the tour and go over to Miami to shag the gent. As pretty soon as Magnum and I started rogering, I forgot all about the digital camera and got into it,” said Nikki. “The camera boy had to remind me to observe the camera now and another time, and this fellow commented that I had a shit-eating grin on my face every time I did. Well, it had been a whilst since I’d been filled with cock–and I’d not at any time been filled with such a large one. Size does matter, as far as I am anxious. I have not at all had anal-copulation, but if Magnum had asked if this ladies man could do me in the butt, I’d have nodded and told him to go ahead. I was amazed when I felt an orgasm building up ‘coz I at not time expected to have one, to be honest. But I did, and that was like the icing on the cake as far as I was anxious. So I was glad to let Magnum cum in my throat. That man tasted so worthy! I like to be on top when I’m banging,” Nikki told. “But, sometimes, I like the boy to take control and do me subrigid in any position this buck desires. I do not like being spanked or hurt, just dominated. What do I wanna do next when it comes to sex? That is facile. I urge to have a 3some with a pair so I can smack one more girl’s slit juice for the first time while the charmer is rogering me. I know a pair that I’d love to do it with. I’ll make a move once the mag comes out and I can expose it to ’em.”

Her dream cums true!

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What's her large secret?

“My brother is about 10 years older than me, and I am in a relationship with his supreme friend who’s the same age,” Linda told. “We’ve known every other since, like, forever. Favourable for us–I think–my brother lives in Texas now and doesn’t know about us yet. I’ll tell him one day. I hope that fellow doesn’t read NN or he’ll look at in a way that’ll shock him. My hubby says I’m an ‘in-your-face goddess.’ I am not really sure what this skirt chaser means by that, but if it means that I love it when chaps check me out and talk to me, then that ladies man is right. That is why I wanna be in NN: to expose my bod to studs everywhere. I’ve by no means felt more hot than during the time that I was posing for these photos,” said Linda. “It felt so impure to be widening my fur pie and fingering myself, but I knew I was doing a nice job of it ‘cuz my spouse, who was stripped, likewise, pretty soon got a hard-on and couldn’t aid but FREDERICK off it while this chab was taking the pictures. By the time this chab said this chab had sufficient pix, I was willing for sex. I have not at all ever wanted a knob inside me bigger in size amount than I did then! I came the quickest I ever have when this chab poked his knob inside me.”

What's her big secret?

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Hot face, large tits

Last seen rogering in 40Something #201, Rita Daniels is back for a uncommon post-XXX solo appearance. Why? Because as SEXY HOUSEWIVES go, they don’t come any sexier. And ‘coz Rita latterly turned 60, and we thought this would be a priceless way to celebrate her birthday. And ‘coz, in all honesty, we not at any time acquire fatigued of seeing this horny MILF’s hawt face, big pantoons and spread, stripped vagina. You have probably already noticed that in those pix, it’s washing day at the Daniels household. But don’t worry. What little clothes she’s wearing won’t stay on lengthy. Rita‘s DD-cup bosoms come out. “I love my melons, and each petticoat chaser I have been with can’t live out of them, too,” Rita told. “They’re worthwhile and firm, and they look wonderful in gracious raiment and feel great when u suck ’em.” Rita widens her cum-hole and bows over to brandish off her fuckable gazoo. “I love having a subrigid meat-thermometer in my fur pie or my chocolate hole,” Rita told. “I love to have my husband put his finger in my gazoo and muff whilst I use my sex toy on my love button during the time that we’re watching clips on our computer. And, yes, I did say cum-hole. I guess it’s a very sexy, wicked word. I love feeling warm cum in my soaked bawdy cleft.” To celebrate the big six-oh, Rita visited our studio and had her wet crack and anal opening rogered by Lucas Stone’s, big, thick, dark schlong. We weren’t sure she could take it, but that babe did. In fact, Lucas discharged his man-juice unfathomable in Rita‘s dark-skinned hole (certainly, Rita let’s look at it trickle out), then worked up one greater quantity load for her face. And, to make the birthday celebration complete, Rita had a three-way with 2 guys nearly half her age.

Hot face, big tits

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