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Cum to Pheonix!

Widen pussy and butt shots, face-fucking, P.O.V. blow jobs and a creampie are among the highlights of 42-year-old Gianna Phoenix‘s return to Gianna told us that this babe decided to discharge with us coz “I crave to acquire banged by hung guys.” And that that babe has this time enjoying a creampie. “I urge to be as filthy and naughty as I can,” Gianna said. “When your recruiter asked me what I’ll do on digi camera, I told her, ‘I’ll do everything.’ Blow jobs? Love ’em. Cum in my cum-hole? Hey, that’s where it belongs!” And that’s where it goes before, certainly, leaking out of Gianna‘s well-fucked pussy. Told Gianna, “I enjoyed each drop.”

Cum to Pheonix!

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Tori's a sucker for cock

In her first appearance fuck-and-suck scene, Tori Baker, Fourty seven, is working in a lingerie store, clothed in a short skirt, nylons and a hot purple top that exposes lots of cleavage. In the background, some sleazy pervert is making believe this man is shopping for underware for his fiancée, even though this man doesn’t really have one–oldest trick in the book–and, of course, his fiancée is built just like the sales person (what a coincidence!).

So what does Tori do? She plays along. Why? ‘coz she’s EUGENE. This babe exposes him a petite in number items, then tells him she has smth that might be ideal…her brassiere!…while she’s still wearing it!

“Do u like what’s in it or do u like the brassiere?” Tori asks.

“I think I like the one and the other,” this chab says, reaching out his slimy, cheating hands to cop a feel, and previous to he knows it, this chab is cheating on his fake fiancée and getting a oral job from the hawt lingerie sales person and screwing her in poses his fake fiancée not ever even dreamed of.

There is probably a lesson to be learned from this clip, but we’re not in the mood for lessons. We’re in the mood to FRED to Tori during the time that that babe is upside-down and getting her snatch speared. So try to find morality somewhere else.

Tori's a sucker for cock

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Introducing Tori. She's always willing!

Yes, it is time for one of our favourite things. Maybe our most-favorite thing: a old lady’s sucking and rogering launch at Gentlemen, whip out your weenies for Tori Baker, a 47-year-old nurse (yeah, we said nurse!) who was born in Colorado and now lives in Recent York Town. That babe is divorced, she’s RICKY and, no, that babe is not one of those cougars who started getting raunchy wants when she turned 40. She’s been in the mood for meat-thermometer for almost all of her adult life. “I had a three-some with 2 finest allies in college,” that babe said. “That was the first time I ever had anal-copulation. They DP’d me, also. Almost any of the time, I did not know which one was in my muff and which one was in my a-hole.” Like it matters? Tori says this babe is “obsessed with doggie-style sex. I love having a shlong in my cookie during the time that my milk shakes are hanging down.” This babe says her raunchy dream involves “dual penetration during the time that being tied up and treating the younger hot dudes as though they are my students and I’m the teacher.” That babe too fantasizes about “being with two brothers.” Screw! Ok, when this babe isn’t rogering, Tori enjoys hiking, working out, cooking and hot yoga. Doesn’t hot yoga involve several fuck positions? Yes, we thought so.

Introducing Tori. That babe is always willing!

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Hey, males! Unveil your feminine side and ass-fuck Tracy!

Do u ever cry?

Are you unafraid to unveil your emotions?

Do you like to fondle?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then try this one:

Do you like to copulate sexy, old babes in the butt?

Thought so. Well, begin crying, buddy. Initiate cuddling, also. Because u do not wanna miss out on a lewd piece of a-hole like Tracy Tello just ‘cuz of a not many details.

Yes, Tracy loves men who aren’t afraid to flaunt their emotions. Yeah, she can’t live with out to cuddle and view TV. Yeah, that babe can’t live without to receive drilled in her ass.

Tracy is a red-hot 50something who in this scene doesn’t even seem to know the digi camera is there. She’s that amorous. This babe is that into it. And when she tells her Lothario, “I urge you to copulate me in my butt,” u know she means it.

Now doesn’t that make u all emotional?

Hey, fellas! Unveil your feminine side and ass-fuck Tracy!

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Cougar on the loose

Misty calls herself a “cougar on the loose.” That is a very fine thing, especially if you have a smack for aged sweethearts who love to bonk. Which Misty does. Otherwise, she would not have strolled into our studio, freshly divorced, taking a hardly any days off from her day job as an accountant to receive stripped (and have sex) on screen for the 1st time. “It’s very gripping,” she told. “Until now, the most thrilling thing I’ve ever done was copulate on the front porch of my mom’s abode with my high-school hubby, and that was a lengthy time ago. Oh, and one time I screwed a boy in an adult novelty store booth. But I am sure a lot more chicks have done that than done this. I feel very particular.” Misty told it at no time occurred to her to send her pictures to a men’s magazine ‘cuz “I at no time thought anyone would want to watch a 50-year-old female nude.” But then that babe spotted our “Models Wanted” advert on the back of a new issue–“I was just browsing in an adult novelty store”–and decided to send in some test shots. “I was thrilled when your studio person called me. My fur pie was soaking luscious the complete week in advance of I came in.” U can watch Misty‘s gaping love tunnel getting screwed rock hard right now at “I wish I could flaunt it to everyone at work, but I suppose that wouldn’t be appropriate,” that babe said. “I’d love to unveil everyone what I did and how thrilling it was. But that would probably acquire me fired.” Or banged by one of the dudes at work. “Everyone there suspects that I’m a wench. I suppose now they have the verification!”

Cougar on the loose

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Sindi's Well used Cookie Gets Used Again

Having taken us on a guided voyage of her pink slit, whole with accoutrement, 43-year-old Sindi Star now unveils us how it works. Or, more specifically, how it looks when wrapped around a stud’s cock. Very well, as it turns out.

There is smth super-slutty about Sindi, and it’s not just that that babe sucks meat-thermometer and screws on digital camera. Plenty of vixens do that. But Sindi looks like…well, okay, Sindi looks like she might have been one of these beauties who drilled everybody in college, then this babe screwed everyone in high-school, and this babe had that reputation-you know the one we’re talking about-and this babe kept on fucking all the way into middle-age, and now she’s an mature doxy, and we mean that in the best way. That babe looks like she’s had a one-night stand or two.

Certainly, we do not know if she has coz when we interviewed her, we were likewise focused on her fur pie. We detected out nearly nothing about her.

So, here’s what we do know: Sindi hums when she’s sucking knob. Her pussy lips flap when she’s getting banged. And she looks perfectly natural with a load of cum all over her face.

You’ll watch.

Sindi's Well used Wet crack Gets Used Again

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Getting To Know Sindi Star's Snatch

Usually when we interview a adult model at, we try to investigate all about her. That way, your jacking experience will be larger amount meaningful. But in this interview, we see all about Sindi Star‘s love tunnel.

Yes, her snatch.

For just over Twenty four minutes, the conversation betwixt editor Dave and 43-year-old Sindi is focused on that captivating, pink fur pie betwixt her legs. This babe tells us how this babe loves it to be treated. That babe tells us all about the time she had it pierced. That babe tells us where to lick it, and pay attention, because later on, there’s a quiz, administered by Sindi herself.

By the way, near the end of the interview, Sindi lastly takes her top down and displays us her boobs. But by that time, we’re guessing that you’ll have already shot your load.

Yep, to an interview. Sindi‘s love tunnel can have that effect on a boy.

Getting To Know Sindi Star's Snatch

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Newcomer Katrina Kelley

“I have a hardly any raunchy fantasies,” said novice Katrina Kelley. “Group sex with twins. Having multiple boyz cum on me. They can cum on face or my bra buddies, it doesn’t matter. I plan on experiencing each one of my dreams.” Katrina decided to glamour model for 40Something to celebrate her 40th birthday and fulfill some other fantasy. That babe even drilled for “I have no intention of having a mid-life crisis,” she said. “Maybe 20 or so years agone, I would have hesitated to get naked in front of the digi camera for all the world to watch, but I am well past the stage of hangups and worrying about what other people think. This HORNY HOUSEWIFE is just getting started!”

Katrina is an active female who doesn’t spend much time in front of a TV set. This babe enjoys kayaking, tennis and adventure travel, collects art and antiques and dreams about driving a Maserati and flying a plane. This babe likes assured dudes who have priceless manners, and this babe needs to be romanced a little. “A romantic dinner is always precious,” that babe said. “Let’s acquire to know every other in advance of we jump into sofa.”

Obviously, Katrina isn’t timid. This babe willingly spreads up her soaked, powerful pink flaps for the digi camera and widens her ass. Yes, this babe knows you probably have your rod out, and if u do not, “What are u envisaging for?” she said, fondelling her luscious twat. “I do not always wanna be treated as a sexual object, but when I’m exposed and widening in front of a camera, then yep, I definitely want to be treated as a erotic object. I wish u to fantasize about eating my cookie and rogering it unfathomable, about how it would feel.”

Now that we have established that Katrina isn’t timid, we’ll tell you that she one time had sex on the fire escape of a high-rise hotel. “Believe me, people were watching us,” this babe told. “It was nighttime, but everyone could watch what we were doing. That made it even more astounding. I was half-afraid that anybody would call the cops and half afraid that the cops would come before I had the chance to. It was nice-looking bonkers! I was holding onto the fire escape, and this buck was fucking my love tunnel doggystyle, slapping my ass, and u could hear the echo off the building. That was definitely the wildest thing I have ever done.” Until now, that is. “You can tell how much I’m relishing this,” this babe said. “See how damp my twat is? Now, studs, are you ready to cum?”

Newcomer Katrina Kelley

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She puts the

This is Sindi Star‘s debut at, and you might be wondering, “What kind of female is Sindi?” This might give you a nice idea.

“One time with my husband, we were at his grandmother’s house in Pasadena, California,” she said. “We were watching the Super Bowl, and we both were bored, so I took him to her backyard shed. We both pulled our pants down and humped standing up.”

Or maybe this will give you a better idea.

“One of my raunchy dreams that I haven’t tried yet is I would like a dude to copulate me during the time that this chab is too wearing a strap-on and do DP on me,” this babe said.

Or maybe this.

“I’m so happy that I got my slit pierced,” this babe told. “Sometimes it rubs against my clitoris, and I’ll just be walking down the street or shopping in a store and I’ll have an climax.”

Got the idea? You’ll receive a larger quantity good idea when you see Sindi‘s clip interview, in which that babe spends almost any of the time talking about her pussy. Yes, she’s very pussy-focused. But, until then, we’ll tell you that Sindi is 43 years old, lives in Las Vegas and enjoys extreme sports. This babe says she knows some kickboxing, and that babe is a fan of the Oakland Raiders, the NFL’s bad boyz.

Now why doesn’t that surprise us?

She puts the

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