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Archive for February, 2008

40Something (SCORE Specific 159): 70 Pix of Cheyenne

To some honey bunnys, a lube job means getting your car’s oil changed each 3,000 miles. To Cheyanne Hunter, star of the DVD HORNY HOUSEWIVES and Mechanics, it means the full-service treatment: getting your baby oil changed, then oiling up your snatch and asshole for some deep dipstick plunging by a greasy mechanic. "Auto mechanics turn me on," Cheyanne said. "They’re so obscene and grungy, and they know how to work with their tools." She laughed. "I loved mouthing on his piston ramrod. I especially enjoyed it when that guy did a full inspection of my back end."

"I’m a romantic," Cheyanne told. "I like a gent who knows how to treat a femdom-goddess, but how should a woman chaser treat a woman? I mean, just ‘cuz a stud is polite and widens doors for a female shouldn’t mean he doesn’t know how to bonk her. Some guys think they’re not being gentlemen if they really slam a girl’s slit stiff. No! You’re a gentleman if u bonk me priceless and make me cum!"

"You are not being a gentleman if u try to stick your weenie in my a-hole out of asking 1st," Cheyanne told. "So just ask. Chances are I’ll say yeah. In fact, I’ll probably spread my buns wide so it is easier for u to slip right in. And do not even think about babying my gazoo when you’re in it. Fuck it unyielding! I crave to hear your balls slapping against my vagina!"

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Peep Show: Fifty six Images of Kyla Ann

We’d like to ask Kyla, “Why do you take showers?” coz from the looks of this video, this babe takes showers for the sole purpose of spraying water onto her cum-hole and getting off. The first thing she does when she gets into the shower is take the removable shower handle and spray water on her bawdy cleft. Now, we’re not complaining. This is all worthy with us. We’re all for worthy slit hygiene. And it looks to us like Kyla might have the cleanest cum-hole in city.

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I bet that if vixens in porn ever got unionized the 1st thing they would look into doing if they are smart (so they probably wouldn’t) is detect their own Mister Whipple….

Can’t u just picture u’re shooting a porn movie and the dude’s getting also gropey (in a Schwarzenegger way) and some old skirt chaser comes running out “BILLY’t squeeze the melons” (certainly it would work better if the actresses name was Charmin and I VERNON’t think u’ll identify anybody named that out side of porn or exotic dancing)


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As well as some perfectly pink cunts, has some pretty ideal positions. In my opinion any time I walk in a room any chick in there should be sitting like this, legs widen and cunt ready for whatever I wanna do with it (except the ugly ones) (unless they have a bag over their head).


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My Neighbor: 80 Pictures of Monica Raiders

Monica knows she looks youthful and that’s usually ok with her, except when that babe acquires pulled over. “My boyfriend was playing with my vagina once when I was driving and I suppose I was weaving on the road a little bit,” this babe says, “so a cop pulled me over. This chab almost arrested my partner ’cause this chab thought I was like 15 or something! Then, that fellow did not make no doubt of I was mature enough to drive. Man, was that cop made water off. But not as pissed as me. I was just about to cum!”

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This time smth is missing… order for a worthwhile fascinating tasty looking arse and vagina like this to receive fucked right, it needs a cock slamming in it. Any takers?


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Hey Mr Tallyman…tally me banana…her legs are widen and that babe’s probly a ho-oooh

This Fujian pleasure copulate at isn’t gonna be contented with that finger much longer. Hopefully there’s a knob or a big dole banana around (and hopefully not Bob Dole’s).


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Hey there Mrs Blue, we’re so pleased to be with you…view my 10-Pounder, see what you do…. Everyone previous to you go to sleep you should make sure to thank god in your prayers for giving us hot hard-on hammering SEXY HOUSEWIFE’s like this at to brighten our days.


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