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Brit golden-haired Christine turned the tragedy of her second husband’s death into a triumph. Using the insurance cash he left her, this babe opened her own business, turning herself into an independent lady overnight.
That was just the starting of her liberation. “For the first time in my life, I had my own money, I was my own boss,” this babe discloses. “I loved the feelings of freedom and power that gave me. I likewise realized the vigour I had as a woman-power over studs! Of course, many came calling when they learned of my windfall and the success of my tea shop. They thought they could get one over on me. Ha! Little did they know, I was intent on using them-not for money or security, but for sex!”

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When RONNIE (Twenty four) and Rikke (Twenty 3)–the cutie with the ponytail–decided to pose for the NN cameras in our London studio, they asked Rikki’s friend Hayley (Twenty) if she’d like to join them. “Well, it is not the first time we have had a 3some,” said Rikki. “We were at a party in Hayley’s flat a not many months agone and that babe and I got real chummy. We ended up in her sofa after the party, and that is where CHARLIE detected us. That woman chaser viewed us twat-licking for a while, then in nature’s garb off and joined us and bonked both of us. We sexed it up till dawn.

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Aged Mother with sexy pink nipples getting her each gap polished by four powerful youthful schlongs
Mom team-fucked and creampied to the fullest
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Little Coco rides the big darksome baloney pony

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“I was raised on a farm, so I like to receive without the city when I can, seeing as how I am stuck inside with my job. My fiance, RAMON, doesn’t mind our country excursions ‘coz this chab knows that it’s charming much of a sure thing that he’ll receive some nookie in the sunshine when we stop to picnic. I don’t like twigs or rocks sticking in my back throughout the blanket, so we bonk doggie-style or with me on top. We’ve been disturbed a few times, but that just adds to the thrill of banging outdoors.”

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“With my big 3-0 birthday coming up, I was feeling old and not hot any more,” told Vickie. “My boyfriend told me that I was hawt enough to be in NN, which he buys now and afresh (What else could he say?), but I told him this man was talking rubbish. So this chap challenged me to pose for some pictures that we could send in. It took me a not many days to consider it, but the next Saturday was such a sweet day that I decided to do it…and outside, too. I was a nervous wreck untill I heard I would been accepted for the mag.”

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Super-popular old nympho Suzy Sebastian is one the most jacked-to models in 40Something mag. But her print pictorials can’t hold a inflexible 10-Pounder compared to her ravenous carnal performances on tape!

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Whatta ya think this maturer whore is lust for??? Check out her, that babe’s hungry for a cum filled weenie, that shit’s written all over her goddamn face. Are you plan to give it to her? Well are ya? Get your bimbo gazoo over to and paint this muff’s face with u cum, if ya can!


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Brandy, oh Brand may I please fucking watch if your carpet matches the drapes?!?! View Ms. Fire Crotch Brandy May at as soon as you rogering can! The red cum-hole is yearning for you.


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