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Christmas Cunny

Christmas Cunny

Trinity loves weenie and twat!
It is Christmastime, and the topmost gift for Trinity would be a three-some with a lad and a beauty. “I’ve had a 3some with cuties previous to, now I would love to try one with a boy and a cutie. I like to eat pussy and to ride ramrod, so it’s my dream to be between a sexy lad and goddess.”

What’s the finest Christmas gift you ever got?
“My 1st ever sex toy. I still have it and use it all the time. It is waterproof so I take it in the shower with me a lot. It’s quiet so no one hears me, doesn’t use up batteries likewise fast, it’s made of this good, squishy rubber material and it has an additional nub for my clit. I always turn it up on high and go to city on my fur pie. That thing gives me great cums!”

Are u the kind of gal who likes to take control during sex?
“I would say that I am more uncomplaining. People think that I’m more dominant in daybed than I really am because I am loud and kind of out there. But indeed, I want anybody who is gonna spank me and put me in my place. I love a lad who lays the schlong down and tells me what to do and how to do it. It makes me feel fine to please other people, too. That’s why I adore to suck large cocks and eat plenty of wet crack.”

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