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Slight Lips

Tiny Lips

Greetings, Patritcy. What made you wish to pose for us?
“It seems adore enjoyment! I always wanted to be a model. I started off doing regular modeling for my photographer friends, and I started to feel so comfortable that I wanted to try adult modeling. It makes me feel hot, and I love knowing that lads are admiring my body. I might as well show off what I’ve got while I’m still juvenile and taut!”

We have noticed that u have incredibly petite twat lips, Patritcy.
“Yes, I do. They are adore, indeed, actually petite! I not at all thought anything of it until I started hooking up with dudes, and they started commenting on it. They would tell me that my cookie was so pretty and little. I got curious so I looked up porn episodes online to see other girls’ wet cracks, and I was surprised at how much variety there was! I guess I not ever really thought about it. Actually beefy pink flaps look interesting. They look adore they would be fun to play with and engulf. Maybe one day I can try it!”

You have had sex with studs, right? And what about sex with girls?
“I’ve had sex with a not many boyz. I haven’t hooked up with a hotty yet, but I’m definitely open to trying it. I have dreams all the time of eating gals out. It receive to be my brain telling me smth! So I suppose I might be bi, but I like dudes the almost all. When I am my horniest I am thinking about a lad fucking
me truly precious and making me cum so rock hard that my legs shake.”

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