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Slippery Slittie

Slippery Slittie

Welcome, Mia! Tell us about yourself…

“I’ve been modeling for a miniature in number months now, and I like it. I likewise love to trip, look at sports and dance!”

Would you say you’re a horny kind of angel?

“Definitely! I try to have sex each day if I can, but if not, I like to masturbate–especially in the shower. I always acquire waterproof toys to play with, but my beloved, of course, is my shower head. It has different settings to keep my vagina cumming afresh and again! And when I’m done, I can wash away my juices.”

What do you fantasize about whilst you touch your slit?

“Sometimes I suppose about past experiences. Adore the time I had sex with a girl. This babe and I were away on a journey with our dance troupe and she snuck into my room and got in daybed with me. At 1st I wasn’t sure what this babe wanted, but that babe smelled so fine and her body was so soft, I got lustful right away. That memory always acquires me going.”

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