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Locked Out

Locked Out

Sometimes Ava has a little bit of shlong envy.
She’s locked with out the house and has to go to the washroom indeed bad. Being a girl, that babe has to go through a bit more a predicament to pee than a smooth operator. “Guys can just whip out their weenie and pee anywhere! They’re favourable. Gals need to pull their bottoms all the way down, discover a hidden place to squat and worry about not peeing on their shoes!”

So what do u do when you need to pee and there’s no washroom?
“I suck it up and pop a squat! And I check very carefully to make sure there is no one around to see me. One time I peed in front of a bum sleeping in the bushes!”

Some men adore it when cuties pee.
“Oh, I know! Lots of boyz have asked me if they can watch. Some even ask me for images or videos of me peeing. Hey, whatsoever acquires you off!” Ava actually did pee during this discharge (u didn’t think we’d make her hold it, did you?).

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