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Getting Nippy

Getting Nippy

Alice just loves to play dress-up!
“Halloween is totally my beloved holiday! Dressing up in costumes is so much pleasure. I don’t care if some of my allies think we’re likewise old to wear ’em. I suppose it is a blast. Plus, boyz seem to adore when I wear a costume. Final year, I was a kitty cat and the year before that a little devil. I thought I’d go for a fairy this time. My beloved part about dressing up, though, is taking it all off for a peculiar stud. This Halloween, I’m letting you studs take a peek!”

We’re honored! And by the way, can we just say how much we like your areolas?
“Thanks! I know they’re super puffy. I’ve by no means seen any like mine. They’re so velvety and sensitive. I’ve grown to adore them, and bucks always do, likewise!”

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